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UW Transportation

This was the first video series we made, and we could not have partnered with a better UW intern for this project. Jon-Michael is a natural in front of the camera, and someone who cares deeply about sustainable transportation solutions. He wanted to explore how UW is curbing its transportation emissions, and so we charged the camera, grabbed a tripod, and made our way to campus. 

Video 1 - Want Some Chocolate?

Armed with a giant chocolate bar, Jon-Michael convinces an unsuspecting stranger that WA should pass a clean fuels standard. He then claims that WA legislators can learn a lot from Huskies when it comes to clean transportation, and so the tour begins.

Video 2 - Keep it Clean

Jon-Michael is an avid one-wheeler, and so he organized a clean up with the one-wheel community. A two-mile stretch of the Burke Gilman was cleaned up, and hopefully more people were inclined to commute to campus using this awesome trail.

Video 3 - Solar Session! 

After the clean up, we return to campus for a cool skateboarding session on a highly durable solar panel. Jon-Michael explains how we need to generate more clean energy on campus to power a transportation system that is becoming increasingly electrified. 

Video 4 - Charging Up! 

If we want to reduce transportation emissions across campus, then UW will have to install more EV charging stations, and a greater number of professors and administrators who often drive to campus will have to invest in EVs. You wouldn't believe how passionate Jon-Michael is about EV adoption.

Video 5 - What a Ride

Far fewer students drive to campus compared to professors and administrators, instead they often rely on public transit. Jon-Michael shows us how buses and the light rail shuttle Huskies to and from campus. What a ride!

Video 6 - Off to Class

Before one-wheeling to class, Jon-Micael reminds us that members of the community, including legislators, can learn a lot from UW students when it comes to transportation decarbonization. 


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