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Our Story

2050 Project was first entertained at the University of Washington, where Nick and John met while studying environmental policy. They connected over their shared frustration with the overuse of doom and gloom science in environmental communications. 


Hans got involved shortly thereafter. Like his brother Nick, Hans is oddly tall and full of passion for environmental outreach and communications. After a few long nights anchored by pizza deliveries, the pieces of a communications strategy started to materialize.  


Some of these strategies were taken for a test drive, quite literally, by Nick and Hans, who renovated a bus and taught over 20,000 students along the West Coast about plastic pollution. They found that students responded well to positive messaging, and they returned to Seattle with some great feedback and a lot of excitement to formalize and grow this style of communication. 


2050 Project is a new venture - we received our 501(c)(3) status in May of 2020. That said, this is a project we have been contemplating for some time. We are eager to lean on our insights and experiences in order to actively engage communities, especially young communities, in Seattle and beyond. Come along for the ride!



Our mission is to use positive outreach and compelling media to educate and unite diverse communities so that they are inspired to take action in pursuit of a sustainable future.


To make environmental action more mainstream so that it has greater visibility in culture, education, and politics. 

Our Values

Culture - We strive to bring a relatable human element to our communications that is grounded in culture instead of polarizing politics or dense science. 

Inclusiveness - We feel strongly that the environmental movement needs to be more representative - our message is designed to include people from all backgrounds and our programs will heavily target marginalized communities. 

Positive Energy - We have found that optimism about the future creates energy for taking action, by emphasizing positivity we hope to attract greater youth participation.

Education - The most effective actions are informed actions - we are driven to educate people about problems we face and, more importantly, solutions we must embrace. 

Action - 2050 Project was started to precipitate greater environmental action; everything we do, all of our values, revolve around amplifying action.


Meet The Team

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Hans Schippers

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As a recent graduate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, my passion for the ocean continues to motivate me in seeking environmental change. Graduating with a BA in Environmental focused Economics and Political Science, I was fortunate to receive a job selling solar energy. However, I still found myself compelled to create a brighter future for our oceans. Motivated by the opportunity to implement real change, I set out with a goal to educate future generations about plastic pollution and the effects on marine environments. To date my brother Nick and I have educated over 18,000 students, hosted numerous cleanups, and united communities throughout North America over a common goal, clean beaches for future generations to enjoy. 


John Kennedy

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I grew up around the shores of Lake Michigan and developed an affinity for the outdoors from a young age. This connection to nature was strengthened at the University of Colorado. A combination of passion and concern set me on the path of environmental work. In 2016, I moved to Seattle and pursued graduate studies at the Evans School of Public Policy. My coursework was complimented by weekends spent exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I now work for the energy team at Kitsap Bank and help deploy capital into building decarbonization projects, utility scale solar arrays, and municipal infrastructure. My obsession with moving large sums of capital will undoubtedly influence the nonprofit's focus.

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Nick Schippers

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A “double dawg” at heart. I received a BA in Environmental Studies and an MPA in Environmental Policy from the University of Washington. As a lifelong surfer and advocate for the oceans, I have worked with various non-profits to try and change perceptions around environmental issues and ultimately inspire action. Working with my brother Hans to educate over 18,000 youth on the issue of plastic pollution is just the beginning. I feel strongly that environmental issues need to be better articulated, and I am incredibly grateful to have the privilege to work on these issues and only hope that our team can bring better clarity to the fact that environmental and social justice issues are deeply interconnected.

Contact Us

Contact Us



At 2050 Project, we appreciate all inquiries, and we generally respond within 24 hrs to any email. We look forward to reading your message.


Current Location: Seattle Washington

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