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We relish any opportunity to inspire community members and incentivize action for our environment. 2050 Project prioritizes three different communication mediums to achieve positive change: education, media production, and event organizing. We invite any collaboration proposal - the more creative, the better.




The best type of environmental action is informed action. Because of this, education is a top priority for our nonprofit. We shape curriculum to highlight environmental problems, but more time is allocated to solutions and community building. We make presentations in class rooms, online, and at community events. Furthermore, the sharing of educational information plays a major role in the media we produce.

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We organize events that bring communities together. Whenever possible, we want to use events to blend communities and perspectives, and so we look to partner with other local organizations on events. All community gatherings will have an educational component and an actionable component when circumstances permit. We will use these gatherings to capture media that facilitates a continuation of the conversation and the inclusion of others. In the spirit of our nonprofit’s culture, the events we stage will be fun so that people keep returning.



We are storytellers at heart, and we want to help tell the story of your organization, initiative, or project. We like to boil complex environmental subjects down so they are accessible for all. And to increase viewer engagement, we add fun visual elements - creating a positive and compelling style of content. But strong videos alone do not accomplish much, so we work with collaborators to structure outreach strategies and campaigns that support the growth and evolution of stories. 

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